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Scuba Gear

Getting your own Scuba Gear should be a very personal experience.
Everything has to fit you properly, work well together and be suited to the type of diving you enjoy.

The 2 things needed to achieve this are:

1) Getting expert advice from dive professionals that are not locked into selling you one or two brands of gear because that is all they have available.

2) You need to try the gear on and ensure you are totally comfortable, confident and getting exactly what you need to guarantee maximum enjoyment from your diving.

Scuba Warehouse stocks a huge range of equipment from the world’s best gear manufacturers. Check out the list:

We have service techs in-store who are certified by the manufacturers as experts. We know how the gear works, how all the components are constructed and what delivers the best value for you and meets all your needs.

We offer a personalised fitting service out of normal shop hours that people really like.

Having been in business a long time does not carry much weight with some people these days. Please keep in mind in this case we are not talking about a TV or MP3 player. We are talking about life support equipment you are going to use to breathe through at depth. So experience should actually be pretty important. The fact we have been fitting gear for divers for over 25 years shows our commitment to delivering the best gear available for our divers.

Scuba Warehouse Dive Equipment Brands